Rian started training with me to get ready for his summer holiday. He had only 10 weeks to get rid of a lot of fat and build some solid muscle.

The program was though but by keeping the Goal in sight, limiting carbs and recording everything to use progress as a driving force we managed to achieve an incredible transformation in a short amount of time.


Nora had less than three months to prepare for her beach wedding so we had to implement strategies to burn fat while keeping the muscles toned.

We used a carb back loading technique so that she would be strict during the day but flexible in the evening.

In only 12 weeks she got in the best shape of her life while still enjoying food and casual drinks with friends.


Eddy never exercised or paid attention to food in his all life. It was a new experience for him but he fell in love with the process and with the training.

He is now passionate about training and, using the Ki-Force method he can continuously self-improve his body and feel great.


Giuseppe started training to fight anxiety and aggression problems but he completely fell in love with the process and became hungry for gains.

He loved my strength training and the personalized diet that allowed him to look incredible while still enjoying his favourite foods.

He now has his own home gym and keeps improving his shape following my online coaching.


Eduard had a story of alcohol and drugs and for him training was an escape from a self-destructive lifestyle.

He quit drinking and smoking and his body transformed quicker than expected. The results were so good that he fell in love with training and he gained back the lost self confidence.

I am really proud of how he took charge of his life once again by shifting his values.


Matteo was already training by himself but he asked me to help him, his goal was to become a fashion model and he needed an incredible physique.

We planned a very powerful program with a special diet to keep him as lean as possible while gaining muscles. The results were astonishing.

He is now working in Milan as a full time fashion model and he keeps up with the training following the principles I thought him.


Philippe had never trained before. He was really intimidated by the weights but he decided to start a three months vegan challenge and asked me to help him.

I had to develop a structured vegan diet and supplement protocol to guarantee fat loss and muscles building at the same time.

It was hard work and a totally new experience but we managed to achieve great results. He fell in love with training and healthy lifestyle and he started a vegan food business following his new passion.


Callum was in a state of mild depression, tired and not satisfied with his job.

We started by finding his true values and setting realistic goals to keep him motivated. As soon as we saw his weight dropping we started an intense weight routine.

His progress was shocking. Not only his body but his mind evolved. His new self confidence allowed him to quit his job and start a successful company with his partner.

Another great success.


Carol was freshly single and she wanted to look at her best again.

We used a diet diary with daily tips to keep her motivated and accountable. She showed incredible dedication and passion in every session and the results were quick and impressive.

In only five weeks she lost half a stone and increased strength, endurance and muscle tone. Now she has a summer body to be proud of.


Mike had a very stressful executive job and needed something to look forward at the start of the day.

He was skeptic at first but he quickly fell in love with strength training with a particular love for the bench press. He quickly gained muscle while losing fat.

He always showed up in time and improved his eating habits while decreasing stress levels, drinking habits and low performance at work.

Today he moved back to LA but he still keeps up the training as a part of his lifestyle.


Dan was not very motivated and he loved eating out and occasional drinks.

From the very start he got into weight training and the quick progress kept him motivated.

He started using a food diary and calculating his daily food intake to make sure he would keep growing muscles while getting rid of the extra fat.

I’m very proud to say that the increased confidence and energy led him to start his own business and buying his first flat in London. Well done Dan.


Roxanne had a very stressful job and found herself going out and eating too much to distract herself. She asked for my help because she wanted to feel sexy and confident once again.

After implementing our method and planning her days around her workout she managed to get in great shape while still enjoying time with her friends and performing even better at work.


Henry had a successful business but he was overweight, tired and mildly depressed. We started training and I scanned the area to find healthy choices at his favourite restaurants since he didn’t like to cook.

In a couple of months he dropped 1.5 stones and increased his energy and confidence levels. With his new body and confidence he started dating again and in a very short period of time he found a loving partner and they moved in together.


Joe is a successful entrepreneur with a very high competitive spirit. He often had to attend many business meetings that involved eating and drinking and he also had to fly to US or China almost weekly. He wanted to get better shape but he needed a challenge to feel motivated. He decided to run his first marathon and he asked my help.

We started a training and diet plan that could fit his very busy schedule. In three months he lost a stone and gained a lot energy and self discipline with food. I am proud to say that he managed to finish the London marathon with a great time while also raising thousands of pounds for charity. A great success.


Steve started training with me to prepare for his wedding. He had Chron’s disease and therefore was hard for him to increase muscle mass.

We planned a postural and anabolic workout he could perform with my help or by his own, combined with a very mild diet program that still allowed his casual drinks with friends.

The result was great and he is still training by himself today using the Ki-Force principles.