Remove the guesswork and start to change.

Over many years I've been obsessed about changing both mine and my client's bodies and I've realised that simply focusing on training and nutrition is not enough, you also need to take into account variables like a person's schedule, his mindset and motivation and how he keeps himself accountable to his goals. That's why I have developed a method that could help anybody to achieve a real body transformation.

You can see the story of my transformations here.

My Ki-Force method is based on five basic principles that take into account all aspects of your transformation, from a physical, mental and day-by-day practical point of view to assure the ones who follow it achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time.


Discover what truly motivates you and use it as your fuel


Outline a solid plan that works for you


Learn the exercises that work for your body, learn them to perfection and build great muscles


Learn what food does to you and what are the foods that works for your body


Keep track of your progress and keep in touch with me, even on a daily basis

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