Deep into the Science

Davide Alfonsi – Owner of Ki-force Fitness

It all started in a small town below the snowy mountains of Italy where a cute boy was born in 1989.

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Mindset and Willpower: Find Your True Motivation, Part 2

  • 26th Mar, 2016

In this next part of the article, Davide has provided a series of questions which could help you take ahold of your motivation and use it to your advantage!

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Mindset and Willpower: Find Your True Motivation, Part 1

  • 25th Mar, 2016

During my career I have been carefully observing many people transforming their bodies and subsequently improving their personal life.

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Davide Alfonsi Q&A – Part 2

  • 22nd Mar, 2016

In Part 1 fitness professional Davide Alfonsi started to tell us very honestly about his philosophies and the wildly varying paths his life has taken. Here he concludes this fascinating, candid and inspiring interview.

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Davide Alfonsi Q&A – Part 1

  • 21st Mar, 2016

Davide Alfonsi is a fitness professional with a fascinating life. He knows what life is like as a hedonistic ‘bad boy’, living for the moment, living to party. He also knows what a radical lifestyle change is like and the rewards for turning it all around.

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Mindset and Willpower: The Willpower Drug

  • 23rd Feb, 2016

Here he comes. We all know that guy. Straight posture, always in time, always looking fresh and full of energy. He looks good, he’s efficient, funny and always in a good mood.

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Mindset and Willpower: The Battery Part 2

  • 17th Feb, 2016

Following on from Part 1 of The Willpower Battery where we learnt how the battery is depleted throughout the day, we will now look at willpower exercises.

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Mindset and Willpower: The Battery Part 1

  • 16th Feb, 2016

Does your Iphone ever run out of battery? We all know the answer to this question. Countless times I’ve found myself trying to switch off every App in the futile attempt to save that last bit of power, ending up with a bitterly disappointed when the device switched off in my hand.

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Mindset and Willpower: A Never Ending Battle Part 2

  • 11th Feb, 2016

In Part One of the article we got re-acquainted with the Monkey and the Genius, who made an appearance in my previous series on Mindset and Willpower for High Performance.

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Mindset and Willpower: A Never Ending Battle Part 1

  • 10th Feb, 2016

This ancient parable a perfect representation of what we call human willpower.

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Mindset And Willpower For High Performance. Part 3

  • 7th Feb, 2016

In Part 1 we explored power of the mind through recognition of fatal flaws and in Part 2 we looked at parts of the brain and how they function in our lives.

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Mindset And Willpower For High Performance. Part 2

  • 6th Feb, 2016

Following from Part 1 of Mindset and Willpower for High Performance we’re now going to look at the anatomy of the brain, and hopefully the sentence above will make sense.

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Mindset And Willpower For High Performance. Part 1

  • 5th Feb, 2016

It’s 10:30pm and I am about to open the golden doors of dreamland when an unexpected Facebook message catches my attention: a girl has texted me!

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Gain the Mindset of an Athlete with NLP Techniques

  • 17th Sep, 2015

Do you remember Andre Agassi? The famous tennis player who was once No.1 in the world? If you do remember his sharp face and bald head? Let me tell you a story about how NLP changed his career and took him to the top. ...

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Fit for Happiness: How Physical Activity Prevents Depression

  • 12th Sep, 2015

Let me once again start with a little story: once upon a time a regular child grew up very insecure of his look. All the other kids at school bullied him and he ended up developing a very negative self-image. In his adolescence something changed and he decided to gain control of his destiny.

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Addictive Personalities: Do You Have One?

  • 19th Sep, 2015

All my life I have always been that kind of guy people like to have around. Always funny and up for anything. My friends were always calling me or asking me out and we were having a great time together.

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Develop the Most Effective Mindset for Weight Loss

  • 2nd Sep, 2015

In the past twenty years, the Western world has seen a dramatic paradigm shift in the way we look at our personal image. With the advent of television, computers and ultimately social media, society has been flooded with images of men and women who are “ideal-looking”.

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Creatine Benefits and Risks: Top 3 Myths Uncovered

  • 25th Aug, 2015

I have always been fascinated by Creatine. Not so much by its chemical nature but by the way society sees it and all the common myths that are related to it.

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A cleanse diet plan to rip off holiday fat

  • 9th Jan 2015

So it’s after Christmas time finally. We all enjoyed ourselves. We already let our stomach expand to the limit and swallow every sort of sweet and treat…and don’t forget about the bubbles…who doesn’t like them?

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What is a good diet really?

  • 11th Dec, 2014

That really is a hell of a question! We live in a society where a tremendous amount of information is available with just a click. We get showered by news, books, articles and talks about diets, calories, macronutrients, hormonal levels, toxicity and all this sort of things and it’s very easy to get confused.

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How to seriously reduce belly fat naturally

  • 29th Nov, 2014

All along my career I have always been looking for the best strategy to get rid of the fat, especially belly fat. Every time I’ve tried ”this” diet or “this” product I have always been looking at the science behind what I was doing. After several years of research and trials on myself I found out that the answer is much deeper than what I thought and that several factors have to be taken into account.

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This alkaline diet plan will keep away colds at all times!

  • 15th Nov, 2014

So we are all experiencing the change of season again. Cold wind, rain and humidity are rising with the same rate of the people coughing on the tube, and once again we are all worried about getting sick and mess up our working schedule or missing out on some events we planned long ago.

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One of the biggest causes of stress: Acidity

  • 23rd Jun, 2014

You all probably have heard the word PH, either on a cream tube or a fancy conditioner. But have you ever questioned yourself about the meaning of that word? ...

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5 Diet urban legends NOT to fall into

  • 15th May, 2014

In this article I want to enlighten you about a few of the most common mistakes people do when the “beach body fever” is in the air.

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