Not your average trainer... but who wants average anyway!

I grew up overweight and depressed, got bullied and shared different values from the other boys...

...but always knew deep inside that I had the power to change and prove myself worth.

I went against everything and everyone becoming a rebel, transforming my body, painting my hair and covering my skin with dreadful tattoos...

...but I've still remained a loving family member.

I've tried every sort of drugs and partied like the 70’s, living life like I was in a movie...

...but still managed to graduate with top grades at University.

I've worked as a dancer, stripper and model, abusing my health with every illegal substance you can imagine and almost killed myself. I saw the death with my eyes when the ambulance had to carry me to the hospital because a very rare illness made me lose 2l of blood from my intestine...

...but the doctors managed to save my life, cutting my tummy in half and removing a piece of it. I came back to life and realized what truly mattered. I quit drugs and my nightlife job, got back into training and finally decided to dedicate my life to health and fitness.

Today I can say I've worked with people from every background

From the TV presenter to the fortune 500 executive, from the young YouTube superstars to the best selling author, from the movie director to the solo player of an international Orchestra. But also with normal people that are willing to push themselves to live life at their full potential.

I've lived a bit…

But transforming body and mind has been the cornerstone of my journey… That's why I've decided to dedicate my life to transform other's lives for the better.

I know what it means to be surrounded by darkness, to see light only at the end of a bottle or in a bag of drugs, to feel like the whole world is against you… But I also know what it takes to raise from the ashes and realize that there is nothing you can't do… as long as you are willing to stand up and do it yourself!

It has been and it still is the greatest privilege of my life to be invited into the life of others as a coach and as a friend. To be a voice to talk with, a coach to push you, sometimes a teacher to remind you your duty… and also a student, because everyone has something to teach.

That's why for me coaching is more than just a my way of living, and something I'm eternally grateful for.

Davide Alfonsi